Hosting Services

Expert Hosting Services for Large Websites and Apps with a Focus on Security and Reliability

We understand the specific needs of hosting providers and offer our expertise in servers and control panels, invoicing, and access control systems to ensure smooth operation of servers and systems.

Our hosting services include:

  • Planning, setup, and maintenance of hosting environments for large websites and apps.
  • Specialized features and setups depending on the website content.
  • Consultation in selecting and setting up control panels.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of system capacities.
  • Daily generation of backup copies of the system and user information.
  • 24-hour telephone and email customer support.
  • Analysis of special requirements of your website or app’s hosting environment.
  • Leasing or consultation for purchasing suitable hosting hardware.
  • Planning of server and communications elements.
  • Setup and configuration of server and communications elements.
  • Consultation and assistance in system and programming optimization of your existing website.
  • Maintenance of all elements of the hosting environment


In addition to these services, we also prioritize security for hosting environments with daily backup copies of systems and data and configuration of communications elements. We offer 24-hour telephone and email support within agreed response times.

Our technology stack includes servers from HP, IBM, DELL, and SUN, as well as Cisco routers, switches, and firewalls for communications equipment. We support a variety of operating systems including FreeBSD, Linux, Windows Server, SUN Solaris, and HP-UX, and we have experience with virtualization systems such as VMware ESX, Xen, and Windows. We also work with various control panels including DirectAdmin, Plesk, cPanel, and Helm.