Development and Technologies

Advanced Web App Development with Customized Modules and Expertise in Multiple Technologies and Languages

At Innerconx, we specialize in the development of advanced web apps that are tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of our customers. Our services are focused and personalized, with a strong emphasis on fostering the coexistence of expert knowledge and a wealth of experience.

We offer a variety of modules that can be combined into a single unit to best serve our customers and their IT systems. These modules include:

  • An IP address management module that includes documentation of VLANs, tagging, system descriptions, connections to the system (such as RDP and ssh), and an IP calculator.
  • A module for displaying the used cable capacities by routers and network switches, with combined displays.
  • A module for automatic generation of backup copies of configurations for network elements, with notification of changes and online viewing of configurations.
  • A module for monitoring the status of all telecommunications systems, network adapters, and IPSEC tunnels.
  • A module for monitoring WIFI networks, including access, tokens used, and push messages.
  • A module for managing DNS servers.
  • A module for generic monitoring of services and notification of anomalies, including email and in-house SMS migration.
  • A module for dynamic management of rights to access for VPN users, with rights defined by individual users or groups.
  • A module for centralized monitoring of Cisco ACLs for all Cisco elements in the network.
  • A module for acceptance of security certificates for VPN users.
  • A module for automatic generation of VPN configurations for users.

In addition to these standard modules, we also offer customized modules that can be adapted to meet specific customer requirements. Our technology platform includes support for web, iOS, Android, Magento, SIEL CMS, WordPress, and SIEL Framework, and we have expertise in a variety of programming languages including PHP, Java, Objective C, Perl, Python, SQL, and JavaScript. We also have experience with popular CMS systems such as WordPress, Typo3, and SIEL CMS.